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Our Passion for Exceptional Events

Lisa Holland-Carter, a second generation caterer with over 30 years of experience, loves working with clients to make their dreams come true. She began her independent career creating romantic dinners and parties for military families.

Lisa's style of cooking and expertise hails from spending time with the matriarchs of her family who took their culinary skills to a higher level by incorporating dishes of many different cultures into their repertoire. A 2nd generation professional caterer, Lisa believes memories are created through aroma as well as taste. Food should delight the pallet and the nose; if you've done an exceptional job, those aromas should bring back pleasant memories of your first taste experience even years later.

Lisa says, "I loved watching my mother decorate, cook, and hire staff for all types of parties. She ensured that her food was exquisite and that it not only reflected, but went beyond the client's desires." It is always nice to see the excitement on the faces of my clients when I exceed their expectations.

Regular consultations will ensure that your needs are met.  Lisa employs creative design and a wide range of vendors to ensure that no matter your budget, your vision and needs are met.

Lisa Holland Carter
Founder & Event Planner

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the ultimate event planning experience that brings our client's vision to life.

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